Regional Flavor

Regional Flavor

Regional Flavors

Coffee beans develop a unique flavor based on the type of soil that exits where the Cafeto shrub grows. Each region has distinctive characteristics that are immediately discernable when tasting the brewed coffee.

From the coffee connoisseur’s perspective, the “correct” way to drink coffee is black, with no cream or sugar added. Such additives camouflage the natural flavors of the bean. While the way you prepare your coffee beverage is ultimately your choice and to your preference, we invite you to try it naturally to savor the original characteristics of the beans.

Coffee from Chiapas is distinguished by its chocolate, berry and fruit flavor. A light roast will enhance the acidity and sweetness of the flavor. The chocolate flavor tends to be more pronounced than the fruity flavor, even in darker roasts.

The Marago bean (also grown in Chiapas) is larger than average, and the coffee brewed with this bean has a more robust exceptionally body accentuated by chocolate and fruit flavors and very smooth finish. It makes for a very well-balanced beverage.

Coffee brewed with beans from Puebla are favored for their smooth body even when lightly roasted, because of their low acidity. Their characteristic flavors are of nuts and citrus.

Veracruz beans have a hint of vanilla to their flavor with touches of nuts and berries. Lighted roasted beans from this region will have higher acidity which diminishes with the darker. These beans when darkly roast will develop a bitter flavor. Our organic beans are all imported from Veracruz and are grown 100% pesticide free.

Types of Roast

Types of Roast

Roast Types


A light roast gives the beans a slightly brown coloration, very much like cinnamon, and has no oil on the surface. The unique distinctions in flavor derived from regional and natural differences is most pronounced with this roasting grade. A lighter roasted coffee bean also produces a beverage with higher acidity and lighter body.


Beans toasted to a medium roast are medium brown in color and produce a beverage that is balanced, both in bitterness and acidity, usually with a slightly sweeter flavor profile. Typically, medium roasted beans release some oil to their surface within a few days after they are roasted.

Medium Dark

Beans roasted to a medium-dark grade have a rich, dark-brown color, and oil coats their entire surface. A medium-dark roast yields a heavier body with more bitterness that acidity. The flavors and aromas of the roast itself become more predominant with a darker roast, and only light tones and flavors of the natural bean can still be distinguished.


Dark roasted beans have a shiny black color with a heavily oiled surface. The flavors of this roast completely eclipse those of their origin, producing a beverage characterized by heavy bitterness and rich smoky flavors.

Did You know?

There are many factors that influence the flavor and aroma of coffee. Aside from the geographical origin, one of the biggest factors is the roast of the bean. The roast varies depending on the method, time and temperature of the roasting process. Variations in the roast create distinctions in the body, acidity and bitterness of the flavor and aroma. Coffee can be roasted to various degrees or grades, from light to dark. The temperature and duration of the roasting time determines the color and darkness of the beans. Before going through the heating and roasting process, coffee beans are green and have a fresh, earthy smell. The beans at this stage are called green beans, or in Spanish, “café oro”.

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In the last decade, coffee beverages have been marketed to the public with an increasing number of additives. Apart from just cream and sugar, consumers are now enticed to add flavored syrups and powders with whipped cream on top which erase all traces of the flavors from the original bean.
In the culinary world, it is widely accepted that the finest dishes are made with the freshest ingredients and fewer condiments to bring out and enhance the natural flavors. The same effect can be said of coffee- the secret to a great cup of coffee is to brew it with freshly roasted beans of the highest quality. High quality beans with a lighter roast bring forth the natural bean’s flavor which is lost when “masked” or “fixed” with additives. Darker roasts will also diminish the natural characteristics of the bean in flavor of a heavier body and sharper finish. No matter your roast and flavor preferences, our beans will always be the freshest available and roasted to suit your taste. Our core mission is to deliver outstanding coffee to your cup.