Our Story

Every great story begins with a cup of coffee

SAKÁ is a small, family-owned business created out of our love and passion for coffee. With the desire to create a new experience for coffee connoisseurs, as well as a delightful introduction to those newer to the joys of coffee, our products are deeply rooted in our family’s history. Since our family is from Mexico, one of the largest producers of the finest coffee beans in the world, and coffee is the second most consumed liquid in the world after water, we embarked on a journey to find the very best coffee beans grown in its southernmost regions. In altitudes as high as 1600 meters above sea level, we traveled to the Sierra Mountains where we met the growers, observed the process of coffee bean productions, saw, touched, and smelled the coffee cherries that would fill each cup with the most sacred of coffees.



SAKÁ wants to share our knowledge, along with the magic and flavor of the most exceptional coffees from Mexico, all in one package. We buy the green beans directly from the growers to ensure they are of the highest quality. We personally roast the beans customized to your preferences and package the coffee in bags that maintain freshness with our love as the final ingredient. When you drink our coffee, you will feel the history and heritage of our rich culture brought from our family to yours.