Regional Flavors

Coffee beans develop a unique flavor based on the type of soil that exits where the Cafeto shrub grows. Each region has distinctive characteristics that are immediately discernable when tasting the brewed coffee.

From the coffee connoisseur’s perspective, the “correct” way to drink coffee is black, with no cream or sugar added. Such additives camouflage the natural flavors of the bean. While the way you prepare your coffee beverage is ultimately your choice and to your preference, we invite you to try it naturally to savor the original characteristics of the beans.

Coffee from Chiapas is distinguished by its chocolate, berry and fruit flavor. A light roast will enhance the acidity and sweetness of the flavor. The chocolate flavor tends to be more pronounced than the fruity flavor, even in darker roasts.

The Marago bean (also grown in Chiapas) is larger than average, and the coffee brewed with this bean has a more robust exceptionally body accentuated by chocolate and fruit flavors and very smooth finish. It makes for a very well-balanced beverage.

Coffee brewed with beans from Puebla are favored for their smooth body even when lightly roasted, because of their low acidity. Their characteristic flavors are of nuts and citrus.

Veracruz beans have a hint of vanilla to their flavor with touches of nuts and berries. Lighted roasted beans from this region will have higher acidity which diminishes with the darker. These beans when darkly roast will develop a bitter flavor. Our organic beans are all imported from Veracruz and are grown 100% pesticide free.